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Brandy Enochs Smith

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*Disclaimer* While the scenarios in this reading are true, no names are used and if names are used, they have been changed from the...

A Little Refresh

Hello, all!! Before I jump back in to new stories, I wanted to do a recap and provide a little information moving forward, since it's...

Welcome back!

Hello, all! Oh my goodness, it has been so long! Apparently when you have two kids, it's really easy for the time to fly by without even...

Please, Believe Me.

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, it was as if suddenly nothing else in the world mattered. Nothing. My life was now for...

Covid Christmas

Let’s take a break here and this week, talk about what is going on for us all currently, because we all know it has been an emotional...


I have a million stories I could share about the things I’ve encountered regarding LGBTQ teenagers while working in mental health. I will...

Inpatient 101

When I had my first day out of orientation on the pediatric inpatient psych unit, I was not surprised when two of my patients from...

New Start

There were a lot of reasons why I left my job in residential. Do I regret making the decision to leave? No. I do not. It wasn’t an easy...


One of my favorite parts of working in residential was the amount of training I received in the first few weeks of orientation. I didn’t...


I’ll be honest, it has truly taken me awhile to process through the things that are currently happening in our world. I’ll also be honest...

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