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Brandy Enochs Smith

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I will never forget the first patient I had who was in an active psychotic episode. When we get to my experience on the inpatient floor,...


The brain truly is a fascinating thing. Every single thing that happens in our lives, no matter how big or small, has an effect on us in...

My Favorite Dancer

I know I talked earlier about the dance club I had started when working in residential. I feel like after that last post that made me cry...


Imagine the anxiety you would feel if your mother told you that she didn’t want you anymore. Seriously. Stop and think about that for a...


There are a ton of ways to kill yourself. I’ve learned over the years in this field that just because you try to kill yourself, doesn’t...

Sharp Love

Being a teenager is hard. Being a teenager who thinks they’re in love is harder. Being a teenager who thinks they’re in love and also has...

Wanna Play Pool?

Let’s take a break for a second and talk about something happy! I mean, you’ve been reading these horrible stories and quite frankly my...

Cowboy Hat

His mom was suffering from her own mental health disorders, but my god was she trying so hard to get things in order for herself and this...

Deep Cuts

It’s true that kids can have mental health disorders without a trauma history. I’ve seen kids with perfect families and fabulous...

Blue-haired boy

When I accepted my first nursing position, I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was a residential facility for kids....

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